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Friday the 22nd o February 2019

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If you are having a problem, please call us on tel: 0333 8000 888.

Or ask us a question...

To enable us to manage a concise knowledge base, we have teamed up with 'get satisfaction' to run a customer led FAQ section. When you type in your query, similar questions will be listed. If it hasn't been answered before, you can 'create a topic' - this will raise a new query with our customer services team, who will endeavor to answer in quick time.

People-Powered Customer Service for by 'get satisfaction' ask your question in the box below.

To enable this function to work, you will be prompted for some login details - these details are not your facemediagroup login details. However, for simplicity, you may wish to login using some familiar social media usernames (twitter, facebook, gmail etc) - don't be scared, it's just to check you are a real person, you can then assign an email address, with which, you will be emailed, once your question has been answered