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Wednesday the 22nd of January 2020
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0333 8000 888
0333 8000 888

the new '03' numbers are included in your bundled minutes, unlike '08' numbers

Tel: 01273 419002
Fax: 0333 8000 FAX
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Exhibition Graphics, Rollup Banners and Popup Banner Systems

For short runs in large format print, digital is the best option.

Our large format exhibition graphics are printed high resolution, on premium 170gsm matt paper. All types of finishing are available, from encapsulating, lamination and mounting.

As featured in video above - DL Plus rollup banner - from £119 each* - see down

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Large Format Posters

A quality set of large format posters really add something extra to the visual impact of your stand. For more choice on posters, click through to the Posters page HERE.

Price List

1-3 5 10 25
A3 n/a £15 £20 £22
A2 £16 each £29 £53 £98
A1 £25 each £43 £75 £157
A0 £39 each £70 £119 £275
Click through to the main posters page HERE .

Roll-up, Rollup and Roller Banner Stands

Our range of Roller Banner Systems are from a company called EUROSTANDS. They have been at the forefront of Exhibition Graphics Systems for years.

A quality system is essential when it comes to exhibition graphics, as is the quality of the print itself. We insist on the best, nothing less will do. Or Roller Banner and Roll-up banner stands are printed on quality 'lightstop' (with no show through) and laminated with scratchproof/mark proof sandtex laminate - protecting it from light scuffs, finger marks and making it non reflective in the light.

These Exhibition Systems, roll-up banners and pop-up banner systems are great for:

  • Exhibitions
  • Industry Events
  • Reception Areas
  • Sales Presentations
  • Give-aways
  • Sampling Events
  • Board Rooms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Busy Public Spaces
  • Conferences

See our pricing matrix below. If you have any questions, please call 0333 8000 888 and simply ask.

*** BEST SELLING *** Roll-Up Banners for exhibitions

STart3 RollUp Banner Stand***

  • Compact and lightweight aluminium base
  • Single sided systems
  • Twin twist out feet on single sided system
  • Single twist out chrome wire foot on double sided version
  • Visual Graphic area 2000mm x 850mm
  • Quality assured - 5 year guarantee
  • Handy black carry case

from £80 each*

XB3 Vinyl Banner Stand

  • Single image with eyelets 1600mm high x 600mm wide
  • Unique design easily assembled frame
  • Multi purpose carry bag
  • Quality assured - 5 year guarantee
  • Overall height of system 1650mm
  • Nett weight 1.9kg
  • Quality assured - 5 year guarantee

from £75 each

DL PLUS Banner Stand ***

  • Single image 2000mm high x 850mm wide
  • Linkable to other units to make up larger display (see video above)
  • Deluxe silver anodized/chrome cassette with levelling screws and 3 piece ‘bungee’ pole
  • Deluxe snap lock graphic hanging profile
  • Deluxe padded carry bag
  • Quality assured - 5 year guarantee
  • Overall height of system excluding light 2100mm, including light 2150mm (light extra)
  • Nett weight 5.8kg

from £119 each*

See our full range of exhibition graphics HERE (for templates, measurements and images) Launch the exhibition catalogue
Roll Up Banner Stands - Description 1-3 units 4 - 7 *8 +  
STart3 Roll-up System 850 x 2000 £89 £85 £80  
ST1 85 - 850 X 2000 £119 £109 £102  
ST1 100 - 1000 x 2000 £129 £119 £109  
ST1 120 - 1200 x 2000 £139 £129 £119  
ST2 DOUBLE SIDED - 2 x 850 x 2000 £169 £159 £149  

XB2 - 800 x 2000

£89 £85 £80  
XB3 - 600 x 1600 £85 £80 £75  
HIFLYER - 600 x 4400 £169 £159 £149  
PRO RANGE        
DL SOLO - 850 x 2000 £129 £119 £109  
DL 2 DOUBLE SIDED - 2 x 850 x 2000 £209 £199 £189  
DLX - CHANGEABLE - 840 x 2000 £159 £149 £139  
DLXS - REPLACEMENT - 840 x 2000 £89 £83 £79  
DL PLUS - LINKABLE - 850 x 2000 £139 £129 £119  
PLANET SINGLE - 800 x 1980 £179 £169 £159  
PLANET DOUBLE - 800 x 1980 £259 £249 £239  
PLANET BOW - 800 x 1970 £139 £129 £119  
VOYAGER - 700 x 2000 £139 £129 £119  
LANDMARK - 800 x 2015 £219 £209 £199  
If you wish to make an order please contact us.

Turn aound on Roll-Up banner stands is approx 5/7 working days.

Pop-up Banner System - the FMG EXPO bundle

The ultimate value for money deal...

  • A complete pop-up display system package
  • Includes a stylish wheeled transit case with a smart beech laminated counter conversion top, plus two 150w flood lights.
  • Lightweight, silver anodised aluminium frame, 2.25m high
  • Quick fix magnetic locking arms, magnetic hubs, magnetic channel bars and magnetic panel alignment
  • Useful storage area for two flood lights, in a foam cut out, in the case lid
  • Folding counter conversion top, for easy storage in the case
  • Choice of 1x3, 2x3, 3x3, 4x3 & 5x3 curved or straight frames
  • Offers an impressive, seamless, landscape presentation
  • Five year guarantee on the frame
  • Optional case to counter conversion graphic wrap

Pop Up Exhibition Graphics Price List

Description Price
FMG EXPO curved 3 x 3 exhibitor bundle (printed and prepared graphic, frame, frame bag, bars, bar bag, transit case, 2x flood lights and folding table top £839
FMG EXPO curved 3 x 4 exhibitor bundle (printed and prepared graphic, frame, frame bag, bars, bar bag, transit case, 2x flood lights and folding table top £939
Pop up stand

If you wish to make an order please contact us.

Turnaound on Pop-Up exhibition systems is approx 7/10 working days.

Our Exhibition Systems from


We print our exhibition graphics with solvent inks, which means they won't fade. You can be sure that your display graphics will look great for years.


No matter how late in the day it is, we're sure we can help you. Our Production Team will go to the ends of the earth to get your display to you on time. As long as the systems are in stock, we have even printed systems and had them on a same day courier that afternoon (of course you'd need to pay for it ;)


People spend a fortune on doing an event and forget that the design on your display IS the MOST CRUCIAL thing when generating business in a live environment. Our expert designers will give you a knockout design that generates the maximum amount of business possible on the day.


Consider that you may well use your system for many events over the years, so try to remember that when creating the artwork - As long as you take care of it, your system will be useable for life.


Everything in our Exhibition Graphics range will fit into the boot of a car and can be erected by one person. Everything we offer flat packs, or collapses (when it’s meant to!) to make it uber simple to take around the country or the world without being a burden.


If you have any problems at all – just pick the phone up and we’ll sort it out for you. The display industry is saturated with cheap nasty versions of our products that will fail on you after a couple of uses. This is why we use Eurostands. No display product will last forever, but it pays to know that if you have any issues that are not just down to wear and tear you can get a replacement without any hassle.




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